What I Ate Wednesday!

I am currently super proud of myself because I am about to write a What I Ate Wednesday post that will be published on WEDNESDAY. Allow me to explain. It’s taken me waaaaay too long to get the hang of remembering to take pictures of what I ate on Tuesday so I can do a WIAW post. But here I am. I did it.


I woke up Tuesday morning, and I didn’t want my usual oatmeal. So I started my day with 2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, and a few small slices of bread with butter and homemade blueberry jam at 7:30. The jam was made by Pat’s dad, and it was really delicious. No added sugar, so not too sweet, but really flavorful.

After breakfast, I got ready for work, and took Brooks for a walk.

At around 10:00 a.m., I started to get peckish so I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge. I got this cultured coconut milk yogurt from Trader Joe’s. I’d never had it before and, unfortunately, I was not a fan. It just felt too watery for me, and I didn’t finish it. Oh well! You win some, you lose some.

Since the yogurt wasn’t particularly filling, I grabbed some crispy green beans at around 10:30. This was about one serving. Please see my puppy calendar in the back. It’s my fave.

For lunch, at around 12:30, I had this tuna salad on pumpernickel bread. It’s just tuna packed in olive oil, mixed with avocado, cherry tomatoes, salt, and pepper, with goat cheese crumbled on top. It’s the fastest lunch. In the morning, I slice a few hunks of pumpernickel bread, mix tuna and avocado, chop some cherry tomatoes, and throw some goat cheese crumbles in a ziploc. So simple, so delicious. I didn’t add the black beans this time, but maybe I will next time.

After lunch, I had 3 miniature peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s with some tea.

I got kind of hungry again around 3:30, and had another peanut butter cup. I should’ve known that wasn’t going to do it for me. I took a 20 minute walk to clear my head and have some time away from my desk, and grabbed a salted caramel & dark chocolate almond Kind bar and a banana. The Kind bar on its own never fills me up, and a banana on its own also didn’t sound good to me. The combo was perfect.

I was ready for dinner around 6:30 (I swear my body was just on a “you need to eat every 3 hours today” clock today). At around 6:45, I had these turkey meatballs in spicy sauce with burrata cheese, and a few more slices of the bread from this morning. I had a small bowl of veggies I roasted earlier this week on the side.

*I didn’t eat that entire plate of vegetables pictured–that’s just what I made for the week. Though, honestly, maybe I should’ve eaten the entire thing lol.

I realized, as I was eating dinner, that I had bread three times today. I caught myself judging my food choices, and then took a step back to remember that bread is just food. It’s not drugs, it’s not alcohol. It’s food. This week, I’m reallyyyyy feelin’ the bread. Next week, maybe that’ll change. Or maybe it won’t. But having bread along with my food doesn’t make my food any less nutritionally sound.*


*I should definitely eat more vegetables though. Working on it.

Anyway, after talking myself down from a “I’m eating too much bread” ledge, I had a bowl of ice cream. It’s Haagen Dasz espresso cookie crumble. I had about 1/4 of the pint. It was amazing, and the perfect ending to my day.

Tell me! What was your favorite thing you ate on Monday or Tuesday? Or today. There are no rules here.

P.S. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, I do lots of talking about intuitive eating and how it has made my life so much easier. A link to my Instagram is to your right, so check it out if you’re interested! 🙂

9 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday!

    • Lol I was wayyyy too proud of myself for doing it yesterday.

      And, ugh, no. Not that yogurt. Super watery. I will report back if I find a non-dairy yogurt that doesn’t taste like it was strained out of normal yogurt lol.

      For a dairy option, though, have you tried the Oui yogurts by Yoplait? They are soooo creamy and come in reusable glass pots.


    • I have yet to find one, but I have a slight dairy sensitivity, so I like having an alternative on days when I can’t risk stomach upset.
      I will let you know if I’m ever successful!


  1. Yummy to that tuna salad!!! Looks so delicious- would love your recipe! I’m not a fan of that yogurt either but I throw it into my smoothie along with other stuff so I can’t taste it!! It doesn’t have much protein which doesn’t help us stay full either!


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